Meaning Making

Meaning making is the framework on which much of the research conducted in our lab is based. This framework focuses on global meaning and its influences when individuals encounter stressful and traumatic events. The processes of meaning making and the specific meanings that individuals make, including perceptions of growth and other positive life changes, changes in identity and other global beliefs and goals, are all aspects of meaning we study in many different contexts.  We are currently collecting data on a study of meaning making over time in undergraduates who recently had highly stressful experiences including sexual assault and bereavement.


Selected Publications:

Park, C. L., Sacco, S. J., Kraus, S. W., Mazure, C. M., & Hoff, R. (2023). Demographic, deployment and post-deployment experiences predict trajectories of meaning in life in OEF/OIF/OND veterans. Journal of Positive Psychology, 18(1), 167–177.

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